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Dog Behavioural Specialist in Essex


Hi my name Is John Carini and I hold a ‘Higher Certificate in Professional Canine Behaviour Practice’ through the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training. 

I have high success rate in helping aggressive dogs to become calmer and more accepting of the world around them. It is often the case that aggression is misdiagnosed, and owners struggle to understand what is required.


These are the Canine behaviours in which I have experience and knowledge of:


(resource, dog, animals and human related) 


(separation, sounds, movement)


(at people, dogs or anything your dog finds unsettling) 

Destruction of the home

(chewing furniture etc) 

Excess Excitement

(dog has difficulty settling) 

General manners

(your dog is poorly behaved although nothing extreme) 

Jumping Up

(how to stop your dog jumping on people) 

Loose-Lead walking

(guiding you on how to walk your dog on the lead) 

Nipping & Biting

(dog is using its teeth on skin/clothing) 


(teaching your dog to come to you on command) 


(your dog needs to learn how to interact with other dogs) 

Visiting Veterinarians

(creating a calmer experience at the Vets)