About Me

Hi my name Is John Carini and I hold a ‘Higher Certificate in Professional Canine Behaviour Practice’ through the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training.

I have high success rate in helping aggressive dogs to become calmer and more accepting of the world around them. It is often the case that aggression is misdiagnosed, and owners struggle to understand what is required.

Many of my clients have worked their way through a number of other behaviourists/trainers but have had no success, these are the cases that I am most passionate about.

I cover Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Surrey, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire as well as in other countries by way of video/telephone guidance.

I also really enjoy working on general obedience through natural leadership, by way of owner & dog experiencing each other with mutual trust & respect.

My philosophy is to help owners to become aware of what their dog is communicating to them, and guide them on how to have a greater relationship with a natural approach.

I have formerly worked as a counsellor, and I am trained in listening empathically about how things are for you when your dog is unhappy.


Qualifications in Canine Behaviour:

CIDBT – ‘Higher Certificate in Professional Canine Behaviour Practice’

CIDBT4014 – ‘Practical And Effective Dog Training’

CIDBT5002 – ‘Advanced Dog On Dog Aggression’

CIDBT5003 – ‘Advanced Dog On Person Aggression’

CIDBT5010 – ‘The Canine Behaviourist’