A short introduction...

John Carini is our canine behavioural consultant and has always had a great connection with dogs from a young age. He believes that creating a balanced relationship with our dogs allows for a much greater experience for them and us.

Kennel club a

John is CIDBT Certified ('Higher Certificate in Professional Canine Behaviour Practice'). He is always keen to learn & increase his knowledge experience. His philosophy is to understand what motivates each dog he works with, and to show the owners what their dog requires. When required, we also work with other qualified and experienced canine consultants. This is particularly appropriate for dog aggression cases when more than one professional is needed.

John formerly worked as a counsellor, and is therefore trained in listening empathically about how things are for you when your dog is unhappy.

These are Johns qualifications in canine behaviour:

Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training

CIDBT - 'Higher Certificate in Professional Canine Behaviour Practice'

CIDBT4014 - 'Practical And Effective Dog Training'

CIDBT5002 - 'Advanced Dog On Dog Aggression'

CIDBT5003 - 'Advanced Dog On Person Aggression'

CIDBT5010 - 'The Canine Behaviourist'