Dog Behaviour Consultations

Fees dependent on each individual case & your location

1 Month Support Package

Consultation visit consists of the following:

🐕 Observing your dogs behaviour so as to gain an understanding of the issues being displayed.
Diagnosis of what we believe the problem is.

⚡️ Demonstrations of behavioural guidance and coaching you on how to do what is required.

😇 An honest and non-judgemental description about your dogs issues.

⌚️ Timescales for improvements to take place and exploring expectations.

Post Consultation Report/Plan:

💻 Sent to you by email two days after your consultation session.

📄 Full details & history of your dog.

🔍 Diagnosis & description of your dogs issues and causes.

⭐️ Leadership plan which outlines behavioural recommendations.

🎯 Conclusion explaining potential timescales and any other useful resources.

Weekly Telephone / Video Support Calls:

☎️ Weekly telephone calls to help you along your journey of reforming your dogs behaviour.

📨 Email support for any other guidance required if we need to add new recommendations.

💻 Video calls to see your dogs behaviour remotely.

Follow Up Sessions:

💥 Follow up session of 1 hour duration meeting with you to check your progress and work on anything that requires extra guidance.

Your 1 month consultation support package begins on the day of your consultation session visit, if you require further guidance then this is discussed and we will advise you on the best course of action.

We offer help and advice on the following:

  • Dog Aggression (food related, dog and human related)
  • Dog Anxiety (separation, sounds, movement)
  • Destroying your home (chewing furniture etc)
  • Excess Excitement (jumping up, dog has difficulty settling)
  • Nipping & Biting (dog is using its teeth on skin & clothes)
  • Visiting veterinarians (concepts on how to create a better experience)
  • Socialisation (guidance on how you can assist your dog in being around other dogs)
  • Barking (at people, dogs or anything your dog finds unsettling)

If you need help with your dog complete our contact form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Please note that we will advise you on whether your dog requires 1-1 Leadership Training or a full Behavioural Consultation.