Goodbye for now my beautiful girl, my best friend, my work partner & my soul mate 💙

You are the most amazing girl who I have loved from the moment we met and will I never stop loving you, I always feel your love too 🙏💙

Everyone who saw you smiled, you have the most loving heart 💙

The courage & fight in you never ceased to amaze me, although I always knew how strong you are 💙

I have been honoured to share the greatest part of my life with you, watching you help dogs & people each time you went to work 💙

You taught me so much about enjoying life & living in the moment 💙

My heart is broken & I miss you so much sweetheart 💔

Although you are no longer with me in your body, we will always be together in spirit 💙

Six and a half years together on this world was not enough, I know you have to go somewhere else now and those you are with are privileged that you are there 💙

We said goodbye as you went to sleep in my arms at 4.30am October 31st 2022 and my life will never be the same 💔

I can already feel your presence & love close to me and at home 🙏💙

I love you Luna / Loon / Loony and always will…💙

See you again my lovely girl 😘 I will celebrate your life and do my best to be a good person, and learn from everything you taught me and encouraged me to be 💙

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