It was eight years ago that I qualified to work as a Counsellor after a total of eight years study / training, which also included 100’s of hours of my own personal therapy 🧠 🌟 and this has helped me in my work with dogs ever since.

The knowledge & awareness I gained through this journey has helped me in my work with dog & their humans ever since 🙏

My work as a Counsellor has been something I never imagined I’d get into, it was purely to help me in interviews for applying to Youth Work roles. I never expected to feel quite natural and at ease in the counselling world, I really enjoyed the self reflection & helping others with theirs 🙏

As a dog behaviourist a large part of my role is to actively listen to people, allowing them a safe space to express themselves through an approach of ‘Empathy, Unconditional Positive Regard & Congruence’.

You may have heard of this as Carl Rogers ‘Core Conditions’.

💙 Empathy

Allowing for understanding of the situations of others (Humans & Dogs).

Unconditional Positive Regard

Space for others to express themselves without judgment, this gives space for their actions/thoughts/feelings to be challenged with positive intentions to assist them in ‘Self-Actualisation’.


Offering reflections to others in a genuine manner to help them & I to understand things clearer, seeking clarity to move towards ‘Self-Actualisation’.

Exploring the ‘What, Why & How’ of every Dog & their humans behaviours to assist them to go from ‘Plight, to creating positive choices for all of their benefit and the world around them 🙏


🤔 What is going on?
🤔 Why is it happening?
🤔 How can change take place?

If you’d like to dive deeper into this, just reach out and say hi for a conversation with me 👋