Client Testimonials

John helped me with my Airedales, one of whom was very reactive towards other dogs. He contacted me very promptly after I submitted an enquiry and we were on the phone for about an hour initially. He is a great listener and really took the time to understand the issues I was having.

The initial consultation/session was very thorough (about 3 hours) where John took a full history of my dogs from birth and provided me with an action plan. We had two further face to face sessions and weekly telephone support.

My dog’s behaviour improved but more importantly, John gave me the confidence and tools I needed to continue the improvements away from him.

I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone needing a dog behaviourist. Thank you!

stars 5

Susan Morgan

Can’t thank John at enough for helping with our Old Tyme Bulldog Dave. From the first conversation, we felt reassured and positive about going forward with Daves behaviour. We started Dave on a month consultation, but from the first session, we saw an immediate improvement in keeping Dave calm on his walks which reflected his at home behaviour. A complete report on all aspects of ways to help us with Dave, his diet, natural remedies, dos and don’ts and weekly check ins to see progress.

Couldn’t recommend enough!

Thank you again

stars 5

Francine Mizrahi

I recently contacted John as my dog was displaying aggressiveness when around other dogs. John was excellent and listened to what had been happening and immediately understood how to help. He was patient and demonstrated techniques I could easily use and the difference was amazing. I felt in control and learnt how to keep my dog safe so she felt more secure.

I am still using John’s techniques and dog walking is now a pleasure.

I would recommend John to anyone.

stars 5

Jackie Galloway

After our first session with John and his lovely companion Luna, we saw a massive improvement in both of our dogs’ behaviours (who definitely weren’t on their best behaviour). Our Jack Russell was aggressive towards other dogs and people. This was to the point where we couldn’t take him for walks peacefully as he would react to mostly everything.

After our first session – he was a changed dog, walking by my side and being much more positive towards other dogs. With great tips from John, his behaviour has also improved at home.

Our second dog, a Bichon Frise, has also improved and has learnt to walk nicely by our side.

For a first time in a long time, we were even able to let them off the leash (with caution of course) to have some freedom.

stars 5

Rima Leonaviciute

John came to see us a few months back to help us with our 6 month old Cocker Spaniel Albert who was quite a handful and quite aggressive at times when he was disciplined especially with me.

John spent time listening to my fears and anxiety over these issues and he was professional and caring all at the same time. He showed us ways to deal with him when like that. Two months on Albert is a completely different puppy.

He is loving, obedient and I can now say my best friend.
Thank you John for your help x

stars 5

Natalie Livingston

John was very good and professional with Bobbie my 11 month Cocker Spaniel. Our problem is that Bobbie pulls badly on the lead and John had him walking on a loose lead in one session and has taught me how to handle him much better.

Thank you John

stars 5


John has been an incredible help to us. We have a lovely Cocker Spaniel who it seemed just started getting more and more aggressive and possessive leading to nightmare confrontations in the dog park and super high stress levels.

We kept being told that he just needed to be neutered but I knew that this was not a simple answer to the situation. John came down to the park and immediately pointed out things we hadn’t notice or understood.

After an intense few hours we walked away with a great understanding of what needed to be done and what we as the owners needed to do to have a safe, healthy and happy dog.

Happy to report that after some hard work but with Johns support we have a dog that is now a dream to take to the park – even un-neutered!
Couldn’t have done it without him.

He’s been a lifeline!

Highly recommend if you are willing to take responsibility for your dogs behaviour and put the time and effort in – following his plan you’d have an amazing dog!

stars 5

Toni Vicars

John contacted me quickly and arranged a training session the same week.I was having trouble with my 1 year old Pug barking/jumping up at the TV as well as chasing and barking at the other dogs and cats in the house.

John was great, he was calm, listened to everything I had to say and my concerns and gave me some great training tips to work on.
I’m feeling so much more confident and in control even after one session.

Thanks so much for the help.

stars 5

Louisa Morralee

I recently rescued 2 mixed breed dogs from Greece. You could see they were lovely girls but were so traumatised by their 4day overland journey and their removal from a quiet field in Greece to a busy urban environment that it took 4 hours to coax them indoors.

Once there they would not budge other than a reluctant visit to the garden when they were desperate to pee! In addition whilst great with me they were aggressive to my husband and other dog.

I took 4 weeks off work to settle them but made very little progress and was reluctantly beginning to think I may have to give them up when I was given John’s details. He responded swiftly to my message and after our phone call I implemented his advice immediately. The difference was incredible.

We were going on increasingly long walks which although scared them for numerous reasons became easier every day.

John then came to the house and in a short time all 3 dogs plus my husband and I were sitting calmly in the same room, something I feared would never happen. John is always at the end of a telephone offering ongoing support, dvice and encouragement.

I cannot recommend him highly enough. I think his success is due in part to his great knowledge and understanding of dogs but also to the fact that he is a humble man that calms both dogs and owners and genuinely just wants what is best for all concerned.

stars 5

Jane Bonney

John came to visit us to see our 15 month old Labrador Molly.

I can only but say John is amazing!

We were having trouble with Molly’s behaviour with mouthing, pawing, walking and general discipline, so much so I found myself and my 10 week old son being banished upstairs in our own home whilst hubby is out working. I was then also worrying with how I can leave my baby out and be safe whilst being downstairs with Molly.

With Johns help in just over 24 hours we have a different dog already!! Our molly is now calm, gentle and seems a lot happier now she isn’t constantly being told off with just simple techniques John taught us.

His passion and knowledge for dogs is simply outstanding.

We have had support from John since leaving us yesterday reassuring us that we are doing great and checking in on how Molly is doing.

To anyone that would be thinking about needing some advice or guidance with their dog I could not recommend John enough, without his help I would still be in despair and not sitting next to my lovely girl Molly.

Thank you so much John!!!

stars 5

Olivia Edwards

I cannot rate John’s services highly enough. Our English Bull Terrier (Dude) came to us at 6 months with anxiety, reacting to other dogs, lead walks were back-breaking and he was just generally “playing up” at home.

We spoke to several “trainers” – some of which did nothing more than to highlight “English bull terriers are a difficult breed to train” which was unhelpful and upsetting.

Then we found John at Dog

From the first phone call, John put our mind at rest that our dog could be helped – we instantly felt assured that we would get results. John visited us at home and spent time with us on the lead outdoors. He had a calm, methodical approach to assessing the situation followed by a detailed, insightful report and many many tactics and techniques to share with us to help. I remember he cracked the problem Dude had reacting with our hoover in about 2 minutes – and we have never had a problem since!

John’s approach to good dog leadership is very different to what may other “trainers” or “behaviorists” are offering. We have gone on to recommend him to family and friends that have taken their challenging pups to other trainers and had no real results.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that John’s prices are so reasonable for the amount of time, effort and follow up he puts into his service.
As for our stubborn little Dude – he is happier, calmer and we are all enjoying being able to walk him without having our shoulders dislocated (ha) and being able to integrate him socially with other dogs without fear of him reacting. He responds well to the commands John taught us and we constantly refer back to John’s guidance when he goes a bit off track!

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so passionate about good dog leadership and (most importantly) dog’s living happy and fulfilled lives. I don’t ever leave reviews – but we just had to sing the praises of John for the wonderful work he has done with us!

Thank you John!

stars 5

Kelly Evans