Client Testimonials

John helped me with my Airedales, one of whom was very reactive towards other dogs. He contacted me very promptly after I submitted an enquiry and we were on the phone for about an hour initially. He is a great listener and really took the time to understand the issues I was having.

The initial consultation/session was very thorough (about 3 hours) where John took a full history of my dogs from birth and provided me with an action plan. We had two further face to face sessions and weekly telephone support.

My dog’s behaviour improved but more importantly, John gave me the confidence and tools I needed to continue the improvements away from him.

I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone needing a dog behaviourist. Thank you!

stars 5

Susan Morgan

Can’t thank John at enough for helping with our Old Tyme Bulldog Dave. From the first conversation, we felt reassured and positive about going forward with Daves behaviour. We started Dave on a month consultation, but from the first session, we saw an immediate improvement in keeping Dave calm on his walks which reflected his at home behaviour. A complete report on all aspects of ways to help us with Dave, his diet, natural remedies, dos and don’ts and weekly check ins to see progress.

Couldn’t recommend enough!

Thank you again

stars 5

Francine Mizrahi

I recently contacted John as my dog was displaying aggressiveness when around other dogs. John was excellent and listened to what had been happening and immediately understood how to help. He was patient and demonstrated techniques I could easily use and the difference was amazing. I felt in control and learnt how to keep my dog safe so she felt more secure.

I am still using John’s techniques and dog walking is now a pleasure.

I would recommend John to anyone.

stars 5

Jackie Galloway

After our first session with John and his lovely companion Luna, we saw a massive improvement in both of our dogs’ behaviours (who definitely weren’t on their best behaviour). Our Jack Russell was aggressive towards other dogs and people. This was to the point where we couldn’t take him for walks peacefully as he would react to mostly everything.

After our first session – he was a changed dog, walking by my side and being much more positive towards other dogs. With great tips from John, his behaviour has also improved at home.

Our second dog, a Bichon Frise, has also improved and has learnt to walk nicely by our side.

For a first time in a long time, we were even able to let them off the leash (with caution of course) to have some freedom.

stars 5

Rima Leonaviciute

John came to see us a few months back to help us with our 6 month old Cocker Spaniel Albert who was quite a handful and quite aggressive at times when he was disciplined especially with me.

John spent time listening to my fears and anxiety over these issues and he was professional and caring all at the same time. He showed us ways to deal with him when like that. Two months on Albert is a completely different puppy.

He is loving, obedient and I can now say my best friend.
Thank you John for your help x

stars 5

Natalie Livingston

John was very good and professional with Bobbie my 11 month Cocker Spaniel. Our problem is that Bobbie pulls badly on the lead and John had him walking on a loose lead in one session and has taught me how to handle him much better.

Thank you John

stars 5


John has been an incredible help to us. We have a lovely Cocker Spaniel who it seemed just started getting more and more aggressive and possessive leading to nightmare confrontations in the dog park and super high stress levels.

We kept being told that he just needed to be neutered but I knew that this was not a simple answer to the situation. John came down to the park and immediately pointed out things we hadn’t notice or understood.

After an intense few hours we walked away with a great understanding of what needed to be done and what we as the owners needed to do to have a safe, healthy and happy dog.

Happy to report that after some hard work but with Johns support we have a dog that is now a dream to take to the park – even un-neutered!
Couldn’t have done it without him.

He’s been a lifeline!

Highly recommend if you are willing to take responsibility for your dogs behaviour and put the time and effort in – following his plan you’d have an amazing dog!

stars 5

Toni Vicars

John contacted me quickly and arranged a training session the same week.I was having trouble with my 1 year old Pug barking/jumping up at the TV as well as chasing and barking at the other dogs and cats in the house.

John was great, he was calm, listened to everything I had to say and my concerns and gave me some great training tips to work on.
I’m feeling so much more confident and in control even after one session.

Thanks so much for the help.

stars 5

Louisa Morralee

I recently rescued 2 mixed breed dogs from Greece. You could see they were lovely girls but were so traumatised by their 4day overland journey and their removal from a quiet field in Greece to a busy urban environment that it took 4 hours to coax them indoors.

Once there they would not budge other than a reluctant visit to the garden when they were desperate to pee! In addition whilst great with me they were aggressive to my husband and other dog.

I took 4 weeks off work to settle them but made very little progress and was reluctantly beginning to think I may have to give them up when I was given John’s details. He responded swiftly to my message and after our phone call I implemented his advice immediately. The difference was incredible.

We were going on increasingly long walks which although scared them for numerous reasons became easier every day.

John then came to the house and in a short time all 3 dogs plus my husband and I were sitting calmly in the same room, something I feared would never happen. John is always at the end of a telephone offering ongoing support, dvice and encouragement.

I cannot recommend him highly enough. I think his success is due in part to his great knowledge and understanding of dogs but also to the fact that he is a humble man that calms both dogs and owners and genuinely just wants what is best for all concerned.

stars 5

Jane Bonney

John came to visit us to see our 15 month old Labrador Molly.

I can only but say John is amazing!

We were having trouble with Molly’s behaviour with mouthing, pawing, walking and general discipline, so much so I found myself and my 10 week old son being banished upstairs in our own home whilst hubby is out working. I was then also worrying with how I can leave my baby out and be safe whilst being downstairs with Molly.

With Johns help in just over 24 hours we have a different dog already!! Our molly is now calm, gentle and seems a lot happier now she isn’t constantly being told off with just simple techniques John taught us.

His passion and knowledge for dogs is simply outstanding.

We have had support from John since leaving us yesterday reassuring us that we are doing great and checking in on how Molly is doing.

To anyone that would be thinking about needing some advice or guidance with their dog I could not recommend John enough, without his help I would still be in despair and not sitting next to my lovely girl Molly.

Thank you so much John!!!

stars 5

Olivia Edwards

I cannot rate John’s services highly enough. Our English Bull Terrier (Dude) came to us at 6 months with anxiety, reacting to other dogs, lead walks were back-breaking and he was just generally “playing up” at home.

We spoke to several “trainers” – some of which did nothing more than to highlight “English bull terriers are a difficult breed to train” which was unhelpful and upsetting.

Then we found John at Dog

From the first phone call, John put our mind at rest that our dog could be helped – we instantly felt assured that we would get results. John visited us at home and spent time with us on the lead outdoors. He had a calm, methodical approach to assessing the situation followed by a detailed, insightful report and many many tactics and techniques to share with us to help. I remember he cracked the problem Dude had reacting with our hoover in about 2 minutes – and we have never had a problem since!

John’s approach to good dog leadership is very different to what may other “trainers” or “behaviorists” are offering. We have gone on to recommend him to family and friends that have taken their challenging pups to other trainers and had no real results.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that John’s prices are so reasonable for the amount of time, effort and follow up he puts into his service.
As for our stubborn little Dude – he is happier, calmer and we are all enjoying being able to walk him without having our shoulders dislocated (ha) and being able to integrate him socially with other dogs without fear of him reacting. He responds well to the commands John taught us and we constantly refer back to John’s guidance when he goes a bit off track!

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so passionate about good dog leadership and (most importantly) dog’s living happy and fulfilled lives. I don’t ever leave reviews – but we just had to sing the praises of John for the wonderful work he has done with us!

Thank you John!

stars 5

Kelly Evans

We had John come to our home for a two hour session and to help us with our whippet

Firstly, John was so quick to reply to my initial request for help (within a couple of hours). He
was straightforward, clear and positive and we booked for help two weekends afterwards.

John arrived and was so good with twiggy, very calm and handled her well. She’s a sensitive
dog and he was so was the right amount of strict combined with kindness.

He listened to our worries and issues and talked us through almost every single aspect we
had, including, feeding, walking, leaving her alone, bed time etc. He tailored all his help to us

John was also really kind and patient and we found him so easy to work with. He reassured
me when he told me I was doing everything right on walks and when we approach other
dogs and that meant a great deal to me. It’s an investment, of course, but so worthwhile.

And, whilst you can google a million different dog training techniques, it’s absolutely not the
same as having undivided attention and someone showing you in real time how to handle

Also, we believe so much more worthwhile than a group session where you’re all competing
for time. We can’t wait to try out all the tips and have written them all down to make sure
we remember them!

We could not recommend john highly enough.

stars 5

Elena Goodman-Walsh

Firstly I researched online for the services that John offers. He got in contact with me very swiftly where we had a phone conversation. John took the time to listen and wasn’t pushing prices and packages onto me he listened to what I had to say and then advised I’d me to take on a two hour session.

Like most people I thought my dog wouldn’t be able to be trained or turned around from bad habits that we as a family had put in place. Once John had entered my property he was able to quickly diagnose issues and behaviours and had my dog walking on the lead in such a different style, John answered all and any questions and took us through the process.

It has only been two days but have seen such a turn around. I guess we’re always too quick to suggest the dog has the issues but really it’s us. I am so glad we bought John’s services and expert knowledge.

I would highly recommend for countless reasons thanks for everything John look forward to updating you.

stars 5

Emma & Lee

Used for my dogs training and was very helpful and professional. 

Would definitely recommend to ANYONE.

stars 5

Krushal Patel

Had a very long chat with John about how we can reset dog on dog aggression.

Really helpful, supportive, honest and balanced.

Very much recommend.

stars 5

Graham Dial

John was very good and professional with Bobbie my 11 month Cocker Spaniel. 

Our problem is that Bobbie pulls badly on the lead and John had him walking on a loose lead in one session and has taught me how to handle him much better.

Thank you John

stars 5

Lyn Crowther

I would like thank John for the work he has done with my mum and her little dog Gracie. 

I asked John to visit her to assess Gracies behaviour with the hope that he could help. He was with them for a few hours and put a plan in place for my mum to follow.

I have just returned from a week’s visit to my mum’s and can happily report the change in Gracie is amazing, my mum has followed the plan and Gracie has responded well. A very noticeable change in her behaviour is apparent, they are both much happier now clearer direction and boundaries are in place. 

Thank you John, a very positive result so far. 

Also she went to the vets today to have her nails clipped and she didn’t try to savage the vet, just sat quietly while he did them, my mum was very pleased with that improvement.

stars 5

Susan Sullivan Rainbird

Our Cockerpoo Reggie had a lot of issues. 

When John arrived he was very professional, asking lots of questions, then we all went out for a walk, and in 3 mins he had him walking on a loose lead, I couldn’t believe it, then I took over the lead and it was brilliant. 

He told me lots of things to do and what not to do, and he has kept in touch by phone and text messages. Reggie is so much better now, we can even leave him home alone for 1 hour now, which is unreal, as he used to howl and bark, scream and cry.

John has made life good again as I was ready to re-home Reggie, as he was just controlling our life. 

We still have a long way to go, but life is good again, thanks to John who I highly recommend

stars 5


John was very thorough and listened carefully to what we had to say. He ended the preliminary session with an outside walk as well and came up with an action plan/report for us. 

We are making progress and he will review this over the next month. 

Very pleased so far.

stars 5


John worked with our Dachshund (Basil) who is a barker. 

He was that bad he would at people walking past , other dogs and just bark at nothing when out for a walk. 

John worked with us and gave us the tools to deal with his barking and the knowledge to understand why Basil was barking. 

1 session with John and he was walking properly on a lead nice and relaxed. He now doesn’t bark at people and it is generally less frequent and it’s a pleasure to now walk Basil. This is all down to John, so a massive thank you 🐾🐾

stars 5

E Marie Cannon

My little dog was beginning to rule the roost and I knew I need guidance as to what to do. 

I am so pleased that John was recommended to me by another dog owner. He quickly recognised the problems and set us on the path of improvement. 

My little girl and I really enjoy our walks now. I am much more confident and don’t spend my time looking for and worrying about other dogs approaching us and Dolly is relaxed and very happy. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John.

stars 5

Janette Moss

My dog Loki is so much better since having sessions with John and his dog Luna, I actually can’t believe I can walk Loki without him Barking at other dogs.

I now enjoy walking him now and know how to deal with situations when Loki is not behaving himself in the correct way. 

I can’t thank John enough for his help, he’s been the best thing for Loki he’s now a much more relaxed dog and even joining us on the family holiday for the first time ever, which I’ve never felt comfortable to do before. If in future I need further help with Loki and his leadership problems, I would not hesitate to contact John in the future!

stars 5

Jaymie Gradwell

John was recommended by my dog walker as my youngest dog was showing aggression on the lead towards other dogs. 

After two sessions it feels like I have a completely different dog! 

He’s calmer and more relaxed on walks and now mostly ignores other dogs. He gave me the tools to continue the work and build a closer trust based relationship with my dog on my own.

I can’t recommend John high enough. Thanks!

stars 5

Marc Beercroft-Wilding

After losing my eldest dog, my second dog began to suffer from seperation anxiety. 

Our vet recommended a Dog behavourist alongside medication I read all the reviews before requesting John to visit, however I was still somewhat sceptical, especially as he said we would only need one 2 hour session. 

John bought his dog Luna along with him and he used her to demonstrate some of the techniques he felt we should adopt. He was right in his assessment and we did only need the 2 hours. 

We stopped the medication straight away and the constant barking when left alone has stopped. 

Our dog is quieter and so much happier in herself. 

I cant recommend John enough.

If your having issues please do not hesitate to call him

stars 5

Suzanne Maylin

John has been amazing with my nervous Staffie!

After just one visit it made such a difference! Both me and Ronnie are feeling more confident and relax on our walks.

Next is the pack walk something I never thought would happen!

Thanks John!

stars 5

Anesta Jayne

John is great! Very helpful and informative! My tiny dog though he owns the world until we met Luna and John 🙂 All his advices helped us walking in public with more confidence.

Thank you John! All the best!

stars 5

Sigita Gofman

Absolutely fantastic, your help was amazing would highly recommend your advice. Very quick response to all questions thank you so much for your wonderful help.

stars 5

Belinda Bardot

I spoke to many people over the phone and a lot of them offered me help that was of no use to my American bulldog.  

I spoke to John Carini as other people have said.

 I can honestly say this man knows his stuff and spoke to me on the phone for nearly an hour and I told him what other behaviourists had said, he told me none of what they said would help and he was spot on and the help over the phone helped me a lot. 

We are slowly making progress with our American Bulldog, we will be in contact soon as still would like you to do some work.

John gave us over the phone was the best help we got from all the trainers we spoke to.

stars 5

Hayley Thorn

John has an excellent understanding and communication with dogs. 

I first got in contact with him once I become the proud new owner of a beautiful golden Cocker Spaniel. I soon realised he and I needed help with his socialising and was also showing signs of food aggression. 

John was confident that he could help, and so we arranged an appointment for soon as. 

Upon meeting John I felt very comfortable and confident that I would soon have a well behaved dog. He seemed to have a special connection with Bruce instantly. I was worried that our appointment would be rushed but John spent alot of time with us and left when I felt happy. 

Since then I have been in regular contact with him regarding problems or concerns I have had in which he has always been happy to help with. 

I would recommend John to anyone and since have!

stars 5

Kirsty O'Shaughnessy

I would 100% recommend John for his excellent advice and help with your dog’s behavioural needs. 

John visited my house to help me understand why my 5 month old French Bulldog was being aggressive towards my children. He managed to get to the cause of the problem and helped us with other training technique’s as well. 

I feel really confident that he has helped with my dogs behaviour after just one session. 

I would highly recommend John and we are extremely pleased with the results.

stars 5

Emily Wallis

John Carini is a genius!

Thanks to the group for your help and support.  Our Beagle mix finally makes some new friends! X

stars 5

Sarah Hunn

Lovely guy who definitely knows what he’s doing, with lots of helpful advice. Can already see the difference in our dogs! 

Highly recommended

stars 5

Becky Wood

I can’t thank John enough for what he has done today! 

Within an hour I could already see a change with my usually very nervous Jack Russell. John really helped me understand my dog’s behaviour and taught me and my family how to help her aggression towards my other dog as well as being nervous around men. 

She was soon licking his hand and didn’t want him to leave! 

John is a very kind man it felt like we had known him for years and I cannot thank him enough for being patient with us as well as our dogs xx

stars 5

Megan Wood

Myself and my dog Amber really enjoy the pack walks. We have met lovely dogs and their owners. Great for socialising your dog.

stars 5

Michelle Dobbyn

Massive thank you to John for helping with our dogs. 

I really wish that I had a before video so you could see the difference, they used to pull but worst of all randomly lunge very strongly forward much to the detriment of my back. 

Thank you John!

stars 5

Lindsay Pullen

I would highly recommend John as a dog trainer he understands what’s required immediately and is extremely good helping the owner to work with their animal. 

On top of this he is a very nice guy to be around and allows you to become involved in his pack walking which is great for socialising.

stars 5

Sol French

Within 10 minutes John was working his magic with our 2 pugs.

When he left they were different dogs, our German Shepherd is also listening and following instructions it’s been 4 full days since his visit, we are doing well, Boys are enjoying their walks.

Thank you so much John x 

stars 5

Sue O'Shea

John has been giving me help training my terrier cross (5 years old) who reacted to other dogs – usually bigger darker coloured dogs or if he ‘knew’ them or was on his lead. 

John help me understand the energy of the situation and how the human energy could fuel his reaction. I have worked on this for about 1 year and now he rarely reacts beyond the odd grumble, I trust him when meeting groups of larger dogs and instead of getting tense and pulling away from dogs I encourage him to approach larger friendly dogs. 

It makes walking him a pleasure without the anxiety. It takes time and patience, and I would recommend John to anyone who has a behavioural issue(s) with their pooch.

stars 5

Sarah Reynolds

If I could give 20 stars I would. 

My rescue dog absolutely hates Meeting and greeting new people but in a matter of minutes with John she was calm. Unbelievable. 

I highly recommend his service and in the next few weeks look forward to working with him again. 

Absolutely kind and warm man. A pleasure to work with. Thank you!

stars 5

Ashleigh Kruger O'Connell

I had a training session with John a couple of days ago. My boy Toto took to John immediately and walked calmly alongside him whilst he held the lead. 

He gave me a game plan to continue with and made a few corrections to ways I was handling things. My main problem with Toto is recall which is basically non-existent with him having been a street dog. 

We are now looking for other dogs to walk with so he can run a little and play and have distractions so that I can recall him whilst he is being distracted. He made quite a lot of headway in a short space of time but it will take time and patience as John says there is no quick fix. 

I am looking forward to joining John on one of his pack walks in the future. Would highly recommend.

stars 5

Susan Eden

Pack walk more than just a dog walk. Was a good opportunity for me and my dog make new friends. Thank you.

stars 5

Egle Burmali

We brought home a rescue beagle cross who we were told couldn’t be around other dogs, we tried various trainers at huge costs for hourly slots and started to give up until I found John! 

He spent a good half a day with us for very little payment compared to what we had been paying, assessed Harry in the house as well as out on a walk and gave clear training ideas that were easy to follow. 

We also attended John’s pack walks and introduced Harry to a range of different dogs. Not just a walk in the park but as a learning curve for us both, in just a few months we found massive difference with our ‘unsociable’ pooch and can now happily leave him off leash to go off and make new friends feeling confident and stress free. 

John really knows his stuff couldn’t recommend him enough! Very friendly and extremely helpful and patient.

stars 5

Sarah Hunn

John has a phenomenal amount of knowledge on training dogs, he’s down to earth, approachable and incredibly committed – everything you would want in a dog trainer!

stars 5

Amy Rolls

Our story, Bertie is a 4 year old Border Terrier who reacted badly to all animals. He even broke a TV by jumping at it to get to a horse. 

John Carini is a behaviourist who leads pack walks for dogs and their owners. Someone recommended his walks to us and we joined the next one. Bertie is always kept on a lead and was muzzled in public. 

After just 1 walk, he was right in there amongst all the other dogs. After the second walk, John removed his muzzle and gave Mick & Myself some training, yes we needed training. It’s only been about 6 weeks and Bertie has not worn a muzzle since. As someone registered disabled, I really couldn’t walk him before. Yesterday, I walked with another 2 of the walkers and their dogs. 

I use crutches and he pulled a bit. Today I used my crutches again and he did not pull at all. It’s such a huge step for me as well as Bertie. I now recommend the walks to every dog owner I meet. It’s actually changed our lives meeting John. Chloe, Mick and Bertie Brown

stars 5

Chloe & Mick Brown