Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what your dog needs from you?

If only it was always the dog that is considered and not the humans demanding their dogs behaviours be ‘trained out of them’ 🙏

Most choose not to understand the ‘Why’, they prefer a quick fix of training when they ask ‘How can I stop my dog doing……?’ ☚ī¸

And the beat goes on, we have divides in the dog world of non-professionals telling others how it should be done, whilst professionals are self-righteous about their approaches being correct, and the only way because they are ‘modern & scientific’ 😆

What a mess, and who are the ones that suffer the consequences of human ego? đŸĢŖ

Of course it’s the dogs, they are feeling the brunt of human emotions placed upon them due to needs that aren’t fulfilled and some get a dog to make up for trauma / loss / attention seeking and so on and so on 😒

Imagine being forced into a situation that you find extremely debilitating and are expected to tolerate it, you may have high levels of anxiety yet someone says you should put up with it because you’ve had some training 👎

Are your needs understood? I hope they are 🙏

Can you attend therapeutic sessions with a skilled professional to help you attain awareness so you can share with others who you wish to navigate life? Yes as people we do have the option to seek support, dogs don’t so they communicate in ways which they have available to them 🐕‍đŸĻē

I see the fashion of ‘Science based, modern methods’ etc etc and saying training has moved forward. Guess what, dogs haven’t changed they are still living by the laws of nature, not ‘pseudo science’ 🙄

It is our demands on them which has changed over recent years, not how dogs thrive & survive đŸ˜Ŧ

I recently worked with a client who shared with me how they experienced anxiety which made their life very difficult, and that they got a dog to help them with that. We explored how the dog was being throughout the time they had been in each others lives, and how the client has worked on herself with diligence and patience 🌟

She was not only in a place of awareness in which she now knows herself far better than ever, and was open enough in her mind to consider what was required to support her dog in it’s needs to find balance also ☯ī¸

What an amazing person doing the best for herself first, so she could then help her dog 😇

That is how it can be for all, if we are open to it and willing to be:

Heard 👂

Challenged 🤔

Supported đŸĢ‚

Vulnerable đŸĒˇ


………and seen in a positive light ☀ī¸

So the choice really is up to you, and starts with you / us as we are in this world together and can either fight against the laws of nature, or understand them & allow them to be 🙏

Help yourself….help your dogs ☯ī¸đŸ¤

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