I’d like to share with you some insights in my recent mental & physical health, which I hope helps in some way of anyone who can relate to losing a dog.

This week has been a difficult time for me as it is one year ago since when Luna was very unwell at the vets going through a major operation which was totally unexpected.

Halloween will be one year since Luna passed, and I still struggle with her not being with me physically, although I know her spirit is always with me and I often feel her presence at home, and when I’m out with Sandie on our walks. Losing a dog is a horrid experience, when I lost Luna she was not only my dog, she was my best friend, work colleague and my soul mate, Luna’s absence has left a huge void in my life and nothing will ever be the same.

I have experienced depression throughout the year, and I am fortunate to be aware of how I am feeling through my time studying and working as a counsellor before I got into the world of dog behaviour. If you are finding things difficult after the passing of a dog, please seek support from people who will allow you the time, space and patience to go through the times of grieving and possibly explore ways to move forward in your life.

Recently I also have had a lot of physical therapies to help me release tension in my body, and also emotional blocks, alongside much deep therapy by way of hypnotherapy and psychoanalytical therapy. This has all combined to help me to make gradual improvements in lifting the depression I was experiencing, as well as helping my body feel more at ease in how I move and overcoming long term injuries.

I believe that working on my mental health, combined with working on my physical health is what I need to give myself the best chance to be how I want to be, without holding back and doing the best for my dog Sandie who is incredible in every way. Helping myself in getting the support & guidance that I require, has helped me to give my clients a better level of service as I am more aware of how I am being in each moment. If I am not in the right state of mind for me and my clients, I do the best thing for us both and take time out to get what I require to heal and move forward.

Thank you to Zoe Clews of ‘Zoe Clews Hypnotherapy’ & Kenneth Kum of ‘Kum Daifu’ for your amazing support & expertise in both my mental, emotional & physical wellbeing and putting me on the right track in finding my ‘true-self’ Please see the links at the end of this post and take a look at what Zoe & Kenneth do in their work, they are truly incredible people.

Zoe is very down to earth, I found a connection with her immediately in our first telephone conversation when she allowed me the space to share what was going on for me in my life, and what I want my life to be, and how I want to be. I booked in my first session at the end of our call as Zoe helped me feel positive that I could begin to create the changes I needed after working with many other people over the past sixteen years without much difference on how I felt about myself and the world.

Kenneth is an amazing therapist, who also teaches Yoga and I recommend anyone to book a consultation with him to see how their alignment and body posture is. That was certainly what I required and after two sessions I have been moving at seventy improvement, had less discomfort which gives me a much better sense of my body and how to move easier.

John & Sandie